Pet Rescue Saga Level 247

petrescuelevel247 Target:
Save 4 pets
Get 10.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 247 Strategy

You have exactly 11 moves (that’s the number of moves you have to do before the bomb of the level will explode and the pets will be captured in the cages under them) to destroy the cages under the pets with the line blaster there is in the screen. To do it, clear the blocks under the line blaster and under the cages at the top of the screen and bring them all in the same line. If it’s impossible to do that with all the cages, just leave one, because you’ll have the chance to rescue the pet that will be captured in the cage with a rocket booster, that will be activated till the end of the level. See how we did a three stars score, without using any payable booster.

Pet Rescue Level 247 Walkthrough Video

Are you looking for the right strategy to beat pet rescue level 247? The following video is exactly what you need.


  1. If you can drop the cages to the bottom within the 11 moves, they will break. The balloon is the same colour as the blocks under the cages, so once the cages are gone the pets will be saved.

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