Pet Rescue Saga Level 25

Save 5 pets
Get 4.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 25 Tips

Clear the blocks left of the ledges where the pets are in order to move them a column. With this way you smash the glass around the bombs and you “drive” the bombs and the pets as well to the bottom. Use the bombs when they are at least in the penultimate line. If a pet can’t be rescued, just using the bomb under it, clear the columns left of it in order the blocks under it to be moved one column left and the pet to fall to the bottom.

Pet Rescue Level 25 Walkthrough Video


  1. I am coming back with our guru’s answer… he just checked it and there are no changes. will check again!

    1. Same as Charlotte, Level 25 is different now, it has pet carriers, no bombs and I am stuck as I cannot clear the all the carriers

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