Pet Rescue Saga Level 252

petrescuelevel252 Target:
Save 4 pets in 22 moves
Get 7.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 252 Strategy

Pet rescue level 252 is another tricky level to beat! The following tips and video will help you to complete it without using any boosters.
In the screen there are 4 countdown bombs, two of them will explode after 20 moves and the other two after 21 moves. In order to save the pets in the cages after the bombs’ explotion they have to be just above the bombs, without any block between the cage and the bomb. This is not an easy task. Our strategy was to save two of the pets with the way we described above, one pet using the rocket we activated and finally we lost one pet in the cage, but we saved a new pet that appeared in the screen, using a rocket booster we activated for a 2nd time.

Notice: Please share your own tips/experience in order to make it easier for other desperate Pet Rescuers to pass it!

Pet Rescue Level 252 Walkthrough Video

Here is our walkthrough video


  1. Release the 2 blocks at the top of columns 3 & 7. Then drop them down 6 places to line up with the blocks under the cages in columns 2 & 4 and 6 & 8. This should drop the cages on top of the bombs. If there is no way of doing that for all 4 cages, use a rocket for one cage and try your best for the other 3 cages.

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