Pet Rescue Saga Level 253

petrescuelevel253 Target:
Save 4 pets in 30 moves
Get 8.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 252 Strategy

The strategy here is simple. You have to play cleverly in order to activate the key using the countdown line blaster. You have 20 moves to do it. In these 20 moves you have to rescue at least two pets in the middle of the screen that have under them solid grey blocks (boxes). To do it use the rocket booster that gets activated in the level. At the same time you have to prepare the rescuing of the pet at the left of the screen that is above the locked block. You’ll have 10 moves after the use of the key in order to save this pet and one more pet in the middle of the screen. To save this last one use again a o rocket booster you’ll activate. Watch this video to see what we mean.

Pet Rescue Level 253 Walkthrough Video

You are on Pet Rescue Level 253 but don’t know how to pass it? You just need to watch this vid and understand our tactic.

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