Pet Rescue Saga Level 258

petrescuelevel258 Target:
Save 3 pets
Get 13.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 258 Tips

It would be ideal if you manage to release all the pets from their cages, during clearing the level, using the line blasters. But this is a difficult or maybe impossible task. So, we released only the pet in the middle of the screen with this way. We continued clearing the blocks, but we didn’t use all the balloons till the end of the level. Our secondary task was to clear all the blocks, to bring the two cages side by side. This is the only way to rescue them, without using any booster or hammer. Just one more thing: In the last phase of the level, just use first the balloon (when needed) that there is noone wired block in that color.

Pet Rescue Level 258 Walkthrough Video

Pet rescue saga level 258 is quite tricky. Don’t spend time and lifes trying to complete it. Watch the video and try to understand our tactic.

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