Pet Rescue Saga Level 261

petrescuelevel261 Target:
Clear 99% of the blocks
Get 15.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 261 Tips

Pet rescue level 261 is a hard level to complete! Don’t get disappointed. The following tips and video will show you the victorius strategy, in order to beat it without using any boosters!
Clear the blocks wisely, aside the wired ones, foreseing your nexts moves. You have to be careful not to stay out of moves before the countdown of line blasters ends. To do it you can get helped by the paint brush boosters there are in the level. But our advice is to keep at least one for the final phase of the level, as well as the bomb. Use the rocket booster as soon as you activate it in the edge right or left column. See below how we did a three stars score!

Notice: You are welcome to share your own experience, so that other desperate Rescuers to get helped to beat this level!

Pet Rescue Level 261 Walkthrough Video

Here is the video for pet rescue 261:


  1. Make sure to destroy at least one of the grey solid boxes under the bomb, before getting to the last two rows.

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