Pet Rescue Saga Level 266

petrescuelevel266 Target:
Clear 99% of the blocks
Get 16.000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 266 Tips

Line blasters, either with countdown or not and rockets are you best ally in order to complete pet rescue level 266. You have to destroy the boxes with the line blasters and use the rockets either in the left or in the right column. It’s acceptable to leave only two blocks at the end of the level. So, especially in the last phase of the level, predict your next moves in order to clear out all the blocks. Clear the solely colored blocks with the the line blaster that there is in the bottom of the screen.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 266 Walkthrough Video

Watch the right strategy to complete, without any boosters, in the following video.


  1. I was stuck for about a week. What finally helped me pass it was focusing on keeping blocks from falling off the top, I stopped focusing on clearing the grey boxes with the line blasters. I started focusing on keeping blocks from falling off the top. I did not necessarily use the rocket boosters on the left or right. When the screen would no longer move on, then I used the rocket booster. I also used one rocket booster to clear some grey boxes. I had two blocks left at the end. I hope this is understandable and can help someone.

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