Pet Rescue Saga Level 271

Clear 100% of the blocks
Get 13.000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 271 Tips

Our strategy was based in keeping as more balloons as possible for the final phase of the level. So we didn’t use them, if we had an alternative move to do. With this strategy we reached the end of the level with three balloons in our disposal. That made things quite easy not to leave any block without clearing it. If we didn’t have that balloons it would be impossible to find the right combination of moves to clear all the blocks of the screen.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 271 Walkthrough Video

If you watch this video you will find a way to beat the level!


  1. Sooo, I’m through now – with only one balloon in the end. My strategy was to clear every screen upto the second last row, keeping in mind the next (still not fully seen row of boxes) row, before using the next key. That saved me enough moves to release all boxes at an early stage and, thus, clearing the screen using the last rocket.
    If you manage to get higher points by having larger fields of boxes, you usually get about three rockets. Use the first two to release as much boxes as you can, even if you have to destroy balloons.
    Another hint is that in the very last row, the colour of one of the first baloons is being used in every second box of the last line. This being observed, it is of course easier, if you manage to keep that very balloon til the end.
    Well, I didn’t. 😉 Still feasible…
    Good luck!

  2. I’m not fully done with the level yet, but managed a few times to have left no more than one or two blocks.
    It seems to be easier to clear everything, if you clear the screen at the fullest, before you use the next key.

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