Pet Rescue Saga Level 273

Clear 99% of the blocks
Get 10.000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 273 Strategy

Pet rescue 273 is a large level and you have to be patient to beat it. Don’t use the keys till you have blocks two clear in screen, but without using the bombs. The secret in this level is to keep as more bombs as you can for the last phase of the level. Another thing you should take care is when the countdown balloons explode to clear all the blocks under the keys till the locked blocks. Otherwise the key will never be released and you’ll not be able to unlock these blocks to move on to the level and you’ll lose.

Notice: Don’t forget to share your tips or your experience in order to make it easier for desperate Pet Rescuers to beat it!

Pet Rescue Saga Level 273 Walkthrough Video

Pet rescue saga level 273 is not an easy one! Watch our strategy in the following vid in order to beat it.

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