Pet Rescue Saga Level 277

petrescuelevel277 Target:
Save 4 pets in 30 moves
Get 9.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 277 Tips

Under each pet in the screen there is a unique colored double wired block. So if you want to rescue the pet above it you have to destroy the wires (by clearing the blocks around it) and then “drive” a countdown line blaster to this specific line at the right moment to clear it. We managed to save two out of three these pets. The other two we saved and completed the level came above the screen, while clearing the blocks. Balloons will help you to spare moves, so use them without any hesitation.

Notice: Don’t hesitate to tell us your tips/experience in the comments below. This way we make it easier for other Pet Rescuers to beat it!

Pet Rescue Level 277 Walkthrough Video

No reason for despair if stuck on pet rescue level 277! Look at this video and find the way to pass it!

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