Pet Rescue Saga Level 284

petrescuelevel284 Target:
Save 8 pets
Get 18.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 284 Strategy

Pet rescue 284 is a really difficult level to be completed. You have three half line blasters at your disposal in order to destroy the metal boxes under the pets. When the rocket is activated use it in the first or the last column of the screen. Besides you have to take care not to stay out of moves and pets are at the top of the screen, because you’ll lose them. Futhermore you have to bring the pets out of their colored cages. In the level there are 9 pets and it’s demanded to rescue eight of them. Doing all of these and being a little lucky you can make it to beat this level. Watch our strategy below to see how we did a three stars score, without using any payable booster or hammer.

Notice: Share your own experience of this level in order to make it easier for other Pet Rescuers to beat it!

Pet Rescue Level 284 Walkthrough Video

Here is a walkthrough video for Pet rescue saga level 284.

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