Pet Rescue Saga Level 285

Clear 96% of the blocks
Get 11.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 285 Tips

You have at your disposal in order to beat pet rescue level 285, two half line blasters, one bomb and one activation of rocket. These are the weapons in your “armory” in order to clear the demanded blocks. With the one line blaster we destroyed two metal boxes (bringing them in the same line). We brought the other line blaster to the last line and then used it. We used the rocket we had activated before in the column with the most blocks.

Pet Rescue Level 285 Walkthrough Video

Watch our really useful strategy guide for Pet rescue level 285 in the following vid.


  1. Game keeps sayin unfortunately pet rescue as stopped even whilst playing on it i am losing more lives because of this it won’t even let me ask friends for lives… please sort it thank you

    1. hey michelle! We can’t sort it because we are not connected to the game creators, King! Please report the issue to them:

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