Pet Rescue Saga Level 289

petrescuelevel289new Target:
Save 9 pets in 60 moves
Get 17.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 289 Tips – updated

Your first object is to release the pets from the pet boxes. So you have to bring them (more than two) side by side. Then you have to “drive” almost half of the pets (in the 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th column) in the last line without blocks under them to stand on the ledges. At the same time you can use the half blasters of the last line to rescue the other pets (in the columns 2, 4, 6 and 8), when they don’t have any wired block under them. As the rocket gets activated use it in the column before to rescue the pets that are standing upon the ledges. It’s a hard level to be completed and maybe the 60 moves are not so many as they seem, so don’t spend them aimlessly.

Notice: Though the points goal is supposed to be 19000 you can actually beat the level with more than 17000!

Pet Rescue Level 289 Walkthrough Video

Here is the video shows the victorious strategy for pet rescue level 289.


  1. Cannot get the 9th pet impossible. I even broke down and bought extra moves and still could not that lat pet. Impossible to beat. So frustrated. I am about ready to delete game without help. I have watched video and did everything I was supposed to and still cannot get past level.

  2. This was my strategy:
    Use the first move to half-destroy the double-boxed row.
    Use the second move to half-destroy the double-barred box in the bottom left corner.
    Use the next three moves to arrange the pet boxes to open them. Then, again, fire at the box in the bottom left corner. It has the same colour as the pet cages and you can use it to open the cage in the left column.
    Only then carry on with releasing the other pets, using the half-line blasters in the left column up to open the remaining barred boxes and/our the pets’ cages that might have come down to that point already.
    After that, I followed the guru’s hints, trying to generate as many rockets as I could from that moment forth.
    One more: Always make sure, the column that you want to clear next by the rockets and/our bottom half-line blasters does not contain any barred boxes anymore.

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