Pet Rescue Saga Level 290

petrescuelevel290 Target:
Save 8 pets
Get 19.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 290 Srategy

You have to use the half blasters in order to destroy all the metal boxes under the pets. This is not an easy task, as you have to bring some metal boxes and the blaster in the same line at the right moment (as the half blasters turn around in every move you make). You have to be patient to do it, to count your moves and of course to be a little lucky. Don’t forget to release the pet of its cage in the middle of the screen with a blaster too.

Notice: Don’t hesitate to share your own tips in the comments below, in order other desperate Rescuers to get helped to beat it!

Pet Rescue Level 290 Walkthrough Video

Pet rescue level 290 is quite tricky to be completed. Watch the victorious strategy in the following video.


  1. how are you supposed to win this level if you are forced to use all your line blasters before you get started I have played 5 lives 5 times and have failed to rescue 1 pet a ridiculous level makes you not want to play this game

    1. on the walkthrough video it is easy but again how are you supposed to beat this level if you are forced to use all your line blasters before you even get started do something about this or i am going to delete this game i enjoyed playing this for a while but now it is ridiculous dont say to watch strategy to play that doesnt work on my board that comes up it is always different and never can get past 1 line

      1. I understand your frustration and two boards are never exactly the same both our strategy does help! We will try to provide more tips if possible!

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