Pet Rescue Saga Level 298

petrescuelevel298 Target:
Save 6 pets in 20 moves
Get 10.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 298 Strategy

Clear some blocks in the middle of the screen so that the cages will move to the bottom. Then release with one move the pets from the same colored cages. Now you object is your pets not to be captured in the wooden cages and destroy them hitting them either with the line blasters, or the bomb in the middle of the screen. After the wooden cages have been desroyed you can rescue the pets by clearing the blocks under them.

Hellen Baker’s Tips on Pet Rescue Level 298

Lower one of the springs (it doesn’t matter which). When you have blocks between the pet crates and the cages you can release the pets. Concentrate on using the springs to remove the metal from the cages, when this is gone they will disappear when they hit the floor. The rocket should easily charge in order to rescue any last stubborn pet.

Pet Rescue Level 298 Walkthrough Video

It’s probably that you’ll not have any problem in pet rescue level 298. But if you do so the following video is the solution to complete this level.

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