Pet Rescue Saga Level 299

petrescuelevel299 Target:
Save 4 pets
Get 8.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 299 Strategy

Don’t use the key as your first move. Clear as more blocks as you can without using the bombs and when you’ve finished with that, use the key to unlock the pets. Then use the rocket that gets activated and the bombs as well to destroy the reinforced wooden cages.

Hellen Baker’s Tips on Pet Rescue Level 299

This one can be a little pesky! Don’t use the key until you have dropped the blocks and have one on top of the crates on the 2nd column in from the left hand side  of the screen. Clear all the blocks you can then unlock the concrete blocks. Unlock the concrete blocks, the first pet will land in a crate but don’t panic, all is not lost he can still be saved! Use the rocket to destroy the metal casings on the column with the trapped pet. Bring the bombs as close to the 2nd column of crates. This will recharge your rocket and you can use it to free the pet in the 1st column (yay!)  Use the dropping and remaining bombs and rocket to free the last 2 pets.

Pet Rescue Level 299 Walkthrough Video

Stuck on pet rescue level 299 for days? Don’t worry. Here is the walkthrough video to beat it without boosters or hammers.

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