Pet Rescue Saga Level 304

petrescuelevel304 Target:
Save 10 pets in 30 moves
Get 15.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 304 Tips

The line blasters that are in the middle column of the screen are your best ally to complete the level. Destroy, with them, the double fortified wooden cages and release the pets from their pet boxes. Just watch when you release a pet with the line blaster not to be captured in a cage. Rescue the nine pets there are in the screen. If the 10th pet comes into a pet box you have to use once the rocket booster, that has been activated till then, in this column when it has no wired blocks under it (or in the whole column). After that you have to activate the rocket one more time in order to rescue it (watch the 2nd video after the 1.45 min).

Pet Rescue Level 304 Walkthrough Video

We think that pet rescue level 304 will not be a problem to be completed. But if you’ve stuck on it watch the following useful video.

The walkthrough video when the 10th pet comes in a pet box:


  1. no, Janet’s right. the tenth pet comes down in a carrier. Every time I have tried to defeat this level. Do you think a certain score will bring the pet down free?

    1. our expert just answered back.. he says you’re right.. sometimes the 10th appears inside a box while others it appears alone.. he will record a video with the “10th pet in a block” version. stay tuned!

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