Pet Rescue Saga Level 31

petrescuelevel31 Target:
Rescue 4 pets
Get 10.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 31 Strategy

Much more easier the new version of pet rescue #31, than the previous one. Just clear the blocks under the pets and use the two balloons at the suitable moment in order to rescue all the pets. Besides you have a bomb and the rocket (that it will be activated once) to get helped, if things are going to be a little more difficult.

Notice: Please don’t forget to share your strategy and tips by means of the comment form below in order to make it easier for other Rescuers to pass the level!



  1. I just started playing Pet Rescue Saga and was immediately hooked. However, I have never encountered a level in which it seems impossible to try and pass. I have tried to follow the help scenes, but still stuck. I never get balloons, my blocks in wire are all different colors, not same colors, etc. I am able to free the pets just can’t get enough points! Obviously, very frustrated and disappointed!

    1. Don’t give up Jen! Try to take advantage of our strategy!! And don’t forget to provide your strategy in order to help other Rescuers beat it!

      1. The closest I have got was using the wire cutters. I had two of those from previous levels. I was about 200 points away! Frustrating! Now I can’t seem to get close.

        1. At least you know you can beat it! Did you try to follow our tips? We are confident that they can really help you!

    1. If you ask me, while thousands have passed the level without spending even a cent i am confident you can beat it! You just need to stay cool and concentrated

  2. I think the games got harder since this video was made. The one star score is now 28000 not the far easiser 15000. Please update this video!

  3. I noticed that on the walk through on the bottom half they always have a lot of the mesh blocks in the same colour and next to each other so matches are easy. I never get so many so have to use all moves making rockets.

    1. Luck is always making it easier to pass a level but you also need a decent strategy to beat the level.. don’t give up, stay calm and focused and you will do it!

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