Pet Rescue Saga Level 320

petrescuelevel320 Target:
Save 6 pets in 35 moves
Get 15.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 320 Strategy

It’s really difficult to beat pet rescue level 320 without boosters, and you need to be a little lucky. We made it, following this strategy: Clear large clusters of blocks. Activate the rocket with as less moves as you can. Clear large clusters of blocks, activate the rocket spending the minimum number of moves. Each time it’s possible use the half blaster that looks at the bottom of the screen and smash the wires of the blocks under the pet. Use the rocket in the same column to rescue the pet. Repeat this proccess as many times as needed to rescue all the pets. While playing following this strategy, you’ll have the chance to rescue, maybe one or two, pets using just the half blaster. Don’t miss this chance. Do it.

Notice: Feel comfortable to share your experience of this level in order to make it easier for other Rescuers to beat it!

Bruce Tips for Pet Rescue Saga Level 320

Follow tips from Zoe till the cage makers are destroyed!Then make sure you get a rocket! Your goal then must be to get half line blasters down to the bottom. Fire one each way and the pets are cleared

Happy rescuing….

Pet Rescue Level 320 Walkthrough Video

We found the right strategy and we present it to you in the following video. No boosters or hammers are used.


  1. Dear, all the guru,
    All the tips I got from your site are very helpful to get me to the level 320. So far, I play the game on 10 inch tablet and also on SS Note3 mobile at least 30 times each day and I am still stuck for more than a week. I want to know if playing on computer is easier? Are they different? There was only one time last night that I can rescue all the pet. I yell and screaming with joy then I realized that I didnt get enought score. *!*

    1. tough enough :/ It’s quite common that the pc version is easier so i’d rather give it a go on PC

  2. ive been stuck on this level for about 2 weeks be glad when i can get passed it ready to move on to the next level 🙂

  3. THANKS to both the Guru’s and to Zoe! I was stuck at this level and after reading your tips, I passed it in one try! Only one star, but that works for me! You guys are awesome. I too never would have made it this far without your tips 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the positive feedback, Sherry! This gives us energy to continue 🙂

  4. Ok. This level actually isn’t too bad. Took me about 50 attempts but I sussed it and finally got it.
    Basically the cage makers at the bottom don’t make cages when you pop a brick next to any caged one.

    So, from your 1st go, release a caged half plunger thing so it starts turning, then MAKE SURE your next 2 moves touch caged blocks. This will stop the cage makers at the bottom from starting working (because before they start making other blocks into cages, they put cages around themselves – taking 2 hits to pop them)

    By this point your plunger thing should be pointing down, press it, if you’ve managed to only destroy blocks next to cages your cage maker won’t be activated yet so you can kill it in 1 hit. Making you able to release a pet also.

    Once I had realised this, I was able to release the pets and leave myself 18 moves to get the stars.

    And as long as the top block in the middle row has a broken cage, caged blocks will continue to fall.

    Good Luck.

    1. wow, such a detailed guidance! Thank you for that Zoe!

      Please continue sharing your tips, this will help many rescuers 🙂

    2. But on mobile the cage makers START the game already having cages around them so you need 2 hits at them 🙁

    3. Thank you Zoe, your guidance helped me beat level 320 and it’s such useful information that can help with the next levels as well.

      I want to say thank you to the gurus, I wouldn’t be at this level if it wasnt’t for your tips and walkthroughs. I got stuck so many times and I always come here for help and I always get it.

      1. thank you so much for your kind words! It would be amazing if you’d also share your tips on the levels you beat 🙂

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