Pet Rescue Saga Level 34

petrescuelevel34 Target:
Clear 98% of the blocks
Get 18.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 34 Tips

In pet rescue level 34 use the balloons at the right of the screen at the right moment in order to clear out large blocks. If you have a Mesh Masher booster use it at the end of the level to remove the cages of the blocks to make it easier, if not just follow our strategy in the following video.

Helen Baker’s Tips on Pet Rescue Saga Level 34

Bring both keys down first, use the balloon on the right to help. If possible don’t unlock the concrete blocks until you have both keys free then use the one on the left. Move down the level using the ‘spare’ key to unlock the single concrete block on the right of the screen. Save the balloons and the rocket till the end of the level to release the caged blocks

Pet Rescue Saga Level 34 Walkthrough Video


  1. On iPhone and Level 34 requires 100% of blocks to be removed.
    I’ve even got the down to one block and it won’t say I can pass.
    Is this correct? If not please fix. Seems impossible without having to pay which isn’t cool.

    1. we will check it again, probably it’s a new version of the level.. we will update you once we face the new version!

      1. unfortunately we stil face the previous version of the level.. we will continue checking every now and then and will come back once we face the new version

  2. I have been doing level 34 everyday for about 4 months and I am determined for it not to beat me, but I am loosing interest fast. I am not going to pay for the extras, but believe that this level is a ‘con’ and maybe you have to pay to get it cleared.

    1. I think it’s quite simple! Did you try to apply our tips? Is it different to our walkthrough vid?

    1. So just tried again & it IS 100% and 17,000 pts … This game isn’t really that much fun, just time wasting and I can’t seem to get past

    2. it’s another level added in the list of the levels that are different on PC and mobiles (at the same moment)

  3. I followed the procedure described above and after 6582 attempts (well more or less) cleared level 34 on a Samsung s3

  4. Need help solving level 34 example is not like the picture I have on my computer Sample is no help thanks

    1. we are checking again and again and we still see the old version… once we face the new one we will publish updated tips & vid

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