Pet Rescue Saga Level 341

petrescuelevel341 Target:
Save 7 pets
Get 20.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 341 Tips

In pet rescue level 341 you have to be patient in order to complete the level. Countless half column blasters fall above the screen. You have to use them in order to smash the glass around the keys from the first stage of the level (the keys will be used later, when needed to). After that the level goes one as you clear the blocks. Our strategy was to use the column blasters when we hadn’t any other moves to do. This thing is a little dangerous because you can stay out of moves, but if you don’t, you have some boosters to help you in the final phase of the level. There, you have to foresee the next combination of blocks (as we do after the 5 min of the following video),when to use the column blasters, in order to rescue the demanded number of pets.

Pet Rescue Level 341 Walkthrough Video

Are you trying unsuccessfully to pass pet rescue level 341? The following video will show you how to do it, without using any boosters.


  1. Really! I mean really in this level so far i have played out 10 lives and before i can even get to the bottom the board forces me to use all my keys therefore i cannot unlock them to rescue pets this is very irritating when you are forced to use all the line blasters and you cant beat this level help pls dont want to get irritated and disgusted with this level like i have in the past levels

  2. Beware! 4 of the 7 pets are in the column on the right, You can release 2 of them with the horizontal line blasters, so try to keep 1 or 2 down facing blasters for the other 2.

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