Pet Rescue Saga Level 344

petrescuelevel344 Target:
Save 12 pets in 45 moves
Get 10.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 344 Tips

Rescue the initial three pets and use the key to unlock the locked blocks. Drive the pets that fall above the screen to the bottom. You can be helped in this task by the paint brush boosters there are in the level. Use them in order to clear clusters of blocks under as more pets as you can. When you ‘ll reach the 15 moves to complete the level, bombs will fall above the screen. Get helped by them to rescue the demanded number of pets.

Bruce Tips for Pet Rescue Saga Level 344

Bring the key to the bottom but before you use the key make at least one move in the middle 3 rows to clear mesh! Then use key! If you don’t then you run the risk of mesh at the bottom that you can’t clear and you’ll be snookered and left without moves! You also need to take your time with your moves and be sure that pets falling are clear of mesh below it so again you don’t snooker yourself. Also save line blasters till you really need it and try to clear infected blocks fast as they will really hinder you. There are no spare moves here so take your time is the key to success.

Pet Rescue Level 344 Walkthrough Video

Trying to pass pet rescue level 344 is not an easy task! Watch our walkthrough video to see the right tactic for this level.

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