Pet Rescue Saga Level 347

petrescuelevel347 Target:
Save 7 pets in 32 moves
Get 10.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 347 Tips

The problem in pet rescue level 347 is that the 32 moves you have to pass the level maybe are not enough. You have to bring down a pet in pet box from the middle of the screen (clearing some blocks there). Then you have to rescue the two pets at right, using the paint brush boosters there are in wires and after that the pets at the left with the same way. You have to do all of them in about 17 moves. So you have now about 15 moves to rescue the two pets in the middle, and the 7th pet it will come down in a pet box. You can be helped in this task by the paint brush boosters there are in the screen. Don’t spend your moves aimlessly because you will not pass the level.

Pet Rescue Level 347 Walkthrough Video

Still can’t pass pet rescue level 347? Watch the following walkthrough vid.


  1. again i am asking how are you supposed to beat this level 347 if all your pets dont come down until you are out of moves i dont see anything concerning luck this is one of those levels that make you want to stop playing pet rescue this is supposed to be a fun game but when it makes you irritated anf frudtrated and you want to just not play it that is not a fun game pls help me out i want to move on to next level

  2. I mean really how are you supposed to rescue 7 pets if the last pet doesnt show up until all your moves are gone give me a break ????????????????///

  3. answer a question when you run out of moves you still dont have all 7 pets to rescue whats with this level 347

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