Pet Rescue Saga Level 36

petrescuelevel36 Target:
Save 9 pets in 65 moves
Get 20.000 points.

Pet Rescue Level 36 Tips

Our strategy for this level is based in clearing large cluster of blocks to gain rockets to rescue the pets from the ledge they are standing. Just use the rocket in the column in front of the pet.

Hellen Baker’s tips on Pet Rescue Level 36

The trick with this level is to get the pesky critters off their ledges! To get them to fall you need to clear a minimum of 4 matching blocks in the column to their immediate left. The little guy in the middle only needs 2 matching blocks to be cleared in order for him to fall. Don’t waste too many moves on trying to match these blocks, it’s easier to concentrate on charging the rocket to clear the entire column and bring the pets down that way.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 36 Walkhtrough Video

Watch our walkthrough video to beat it. No boosters are used.

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