Pet Rescue Saga Level 363

petrescuelevel363 Target:
Clear 100% of the blocks
Get 10.000 points

PEt Rescue Level 363 Tips

Getting the required points is not the problem in pet rescue level 363. But clearing all the blocks is not an easy task. Windmill blocks are your best ally in order to pass the level. Use them, when there will not be other available moves in the screen, to smash the wires of some blocks, or clear them in order to move on.

Pet Rescue Level 363 Walkthrough Video

Watch the video to understand our strategy.


    1. Hehe, sometime luck is necessary! And obviously it’s always more than welcome! Keep rescuing Luis!

  1. I have cleared 100% of the blocks on this level twice, but the stupid thing keeps telling me I didn’t clear all of the blocks.

    1. Strange enough :/ Anyone else to report the same??? Please report the issue to King:

      1. I am having the same issues as David. Just completed level 363 for the fourth time, but each time despite obtaining the required points AND clearing 100% of the blocks, the game says level failed! So frustrating as cannot progress to next level – have reported issue to…..

        1. I think the issue is now solved! It sounds like a glitch but reporting that is the right thing to do! Thumbs up Michelle!

      2. I just played this same level and cleared all of the blocks again, but it still gives me the same message that I didn’t clear 100% of the blocks. This is ridiculous!

      1. Quite strange! many report this issue! Is it still a problem, because Luis Carretas (check his comments above) said he finally did it! Probably it was a glitch that was fixed!

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