Pet Rescue Saga Level 370

petrescuelevel370 Target:
Save 4 pets in 60 moves
Get 10.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 370 Tips

You first task is to rescue the two pets, one left and one right of the screen, using some paint brush boosters where needed. This is the easy point of level. After that you have to clear blocks around the wired blocks in the middle of the screen, use paint brush boosters to clear blocks under the pet in the middle till you’ll release it from its pet box. With the same tactic you have to “drive” it to the bottom in order to rescue it. Here is the little secret. When you’ll use the windmill block to rescue the 3rd pet, simultaneously you have to release the 4th pet from its pet box, clicking above it. The 60 moves are really few to complete the level.

Pet Rescue Level 370 Walkthrough Video

Probably you’ll spend a lot of lives to pass pet rescue level 370! The following video will help to beat it, without using any boosters or hammers.

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