Pet Rescue Saga Level 383

Save 1 petin 40 moves
Get 7.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 383 Tips (Updated)

Rockets for one more time is the “key” factor in order to complete pet rescue level 383. With the half column boosters destroy the whole 2nd column in order all the columns right of them to move one left. Use the bombs to activate the rocket quickly. With the two first rockets you’ll activate destroy the cages in the column right of the pet. Smash the wire of the double fortified wooden cage under the pet and then “drive” a bomb near it in order to destroy its protection. Then with the rocket that will be activated again rescue the pet and complete the level.

Pet Rescue Level 383 Walkthrough Video

Watch the vid to understand our strategy.

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  1. Luis Carretas

    Or to destroy adjacent blocks, it will unwire the cage.
    Destroy upper blocks in order to get bombs in the right direction.

    • Pet Rescue Guru

      that’s a good idea! thumbs up!

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