Pet Rescue Saga Level 387

petrescuelevel387 Target:
Save 8 pets in 50 moves
Get 3.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 387 Tips

Pet rescue #387 is not quite difficult if you follow our strategy. We try to keep the wire creator machines without wires around them, clearing blocks there and try to destroy them with bombs. Simultaneously, of course, we try to “drive” the pets that fall above the screen to the bottom. The 50 moves you have to complete the level are really enough to make it.

Pet Rescue Level 387 Walkthrough Video

As the game proceeds things are getting harder. Don’t give up if stuck on pet rescue level 387. Take a look in the following video and understand our tactic.


  1. The mystery challenge after level 387 calls for level 374 . The challenge level ..374… Calls for 20,000 points whereas the earlier level and the solution on your website calls for fewer points. 20,000 points seems impossible. Any help would be appreciated.

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