Pet Rescue Saga Level 396

petrescuelevel396 Target:
Save 3 pets in 25 moves
Get 10.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 396 Strategy

Use the half line blaster as your first move. Then the rocket booster is your best ally in order to complete the level. Activate it three times and use in the column the pets are to rescue them. Don’t waste your moves. Try to clear large clusters of blocks to activate the rocket as fast as possible.

Pet Rescue Level 396 Walkthrough Video

In case you can’t beat #396 you need to keep calm and focus on the video we present below:


  1. I found it easier to aim the half shooter to the right when the solid gray box lines up to to the right. That way you can proceed the game without the weed crawlers releasing . Group large enough blocks to trigger the rocket shooting the middle last, i think thats how I did it. Although I did not achieve three stars, it was less stressful with limited moves and blocks being absorbed less chances of big blocks to pop.

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