Pet Rescue Saga Level 398

petrescuelevel398 Target:
Save 5 pets in 40 moves
Get 8.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 398 Strategy

Your target here is to destroy the metal boxes under the pets. You can do it either using half column blasters that fall above the screen, or using the rocket (that gets activated while clearing the blocks in the upper part of the screen). When the pets will reach at the ledge then use the half column blaster left of them to rescue them. In order to rescue all the pets in the given 40 moves, follow exactly the order we did in the following video. First rescue the pet at right, after that the two pets at left of the screen, and then the two pets in the middle of it. This is the only way to complete the demanded task.

Pet Rescue Level 398 Walkthrough Video

If still stuck on #398 we are here to provide further support! Watch the video below, try to fully understand our tactic and beat the level! That simple!

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