Pet Rescue Saga Level 411

petrescuelevel411 Target:
Save 2 pets in 30 moves
Get 2.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 411 Tips

The are four double fortified wooden cages under the pet in the right of the screen, that you must destroy them with the line blasters. You have to be careful that the pet will not be captured in them. At the same time (using the line blasters) you smash the wires from the blocks that are under the pet at the left. With that way you rescue both pets in a really few moves. You can be assisted in your mission by the rocket, that gets activated in the level.

Pet Rescue Level 411 Walkthrough Video

Can’t Pass Level 411? Watch the vid that shows the strategy that helped us pass the level!


  1. I think this mystery quest level is going to make me delete the whole damn app. Those Bayard seem too have thrown this nearly impossible level in just to make more money. I noticed that the last round of quests seemed much harder; they appear to have decided no more free play.

    1. there is obviously a point here.. i would suggest that you express your complaint to King:

  2. You can do it, you just have to be very very patient and keep trying. I just cleared the Mystery Quest level 411 the other day with a little over 23000 points. The left-most pet had just one or two single-wired blocks underneath. Also, after using the key, I was able to put together a very large section of blocks in the bottom middle that had three 2x blocks, which gave me 14000 points right there. I was then able to clear the pets with something like 8 moves left.

    A few hints I came up with:

    – Keep using the line blasters on the top until you get the first rocket, then use the key. Don’t use the key before you have a rocket.
    – To save the right-most pet, use only one of the line blasters to hit one of the cages (I usually picked one of the bottom three cages, and not the cage closest to the pet), then use the rocket booster to clear the column. Three of the cages will be destroyed, and the cage you hit with the line blaster will pop off the bottom before the pet gets trapped, so the pet gets freed.
    – Pay attention to the wired blocks under the left-most pet. If you have a double-wired block and cage under the left-most pet, I basically played the level just to get through it – I don’t think you can hit 12000 points with the number of moves in this case. Single-wired blocks can be cleared with the line blasters

    Again, echoing other people who have commented – it *is* possible to get 12000 points, you just need a favorable set of blocks, so be patient and keep trying!

    1. this is what PetRescueGuru was made for! Such detailed hints can give stuck rescuers a solution! Thanks Greg! Keep sharing your tips!

    2. OMFG I have been stuck here for months!!!! Just saw this and cleared the level half an hour later with 16000 points. Your tips are spot on and now I see where I was going wrong. Thanks so much ☺️

        1. This was the most difficult level so far. I tried it over a hundred times but finally I did it with 23300 points. You must create big clusters with double value blocks included. It is not always possible, but sometimes it is. When it is, rescuing the pets is easy, so the aim should be large clusters, nothing else.

          1. thanks for sharing your tips gerno! It’s good to read you’ve passed it! Bravo!

  3. Mystery Quest level 411

    Nothing has changed in the game!!
    The points of the game and the points of the rescue of the two pets are not yet aggregated.
    Please help. I’v been stuck for ages.

    1. there is nothing we can do – we are not connected in any way with King! The only thing we can do is to send the messages reporting the issue :/ And of course we did it!

  4. Have you figured out the MYSTERY level 411? I think it’s a glitch there because before pressing play it’ll say get 2 pets & 12000 points. After pressing play it says to get 2 pets w/ 2000 points like the regular level 411. I have been on this level for weeks. I haven’t seen anyone else complain so maybe it’s not a glitch?? Idk.

    1. I’m having the same problem, and got the same message get 2 pets and 2.000 points. I’m getting frustrate because if the mystery quest was at least the same as the normal one, I would get the 12.000 points, because the game gives you extra points for each move you didn’t use, but at the mystery you don’t get this points.

    1. I feel you, it’s tough indeed but there is no glitch or bug or something! You need to try harder and you will do it sooner or later!

  5. Level mystery quest 411
    There is no change to the game. The points are not yet added together.
    If you savethe two pets you get extra points, but those points are not be counted by the other points.
    Is this correct?

  6. I am facing the same problem in the Mystery Quest Level 411. It’s impossible to save 2 pets and acquire 12,000 points. I’ve been stuck for ages. Please help!

    1. Very tricky! We received many complaints! Don’t know what to suggest! The “stay calm and focused and keep trying” is the best advice to our opinion!

      1. On the beginning you ask 12000 points, by the game you ask 2000 points On the wooden board. I start en have 4700 points when I save 2 pets. On the screen appears YOU SAVED 2 PETS YOU Won 8265 points. And than YOU HAVE NOT ENOUGH POINTS. 4700 + 8265 = 12965 points en iT continues at 4700 points.

    2. It is possible to get 12000 points but it is very difficult.

      The key is being able to form a large grouping of blocks that includes at least one 2x multiplier block.

      I kept using the line blasters on top until I got a column blaster. Then I chose the best column (based on where the 2x multiplier blocks are and which blocks are covered in mesh) to blast in order to start forming larger groupings. Then I would continue with the line blasters to generate another column blaster. At some point, I used the key. Then cleared boxes and used line blasters to create the biggest grouping of blocks possible. Clearing the large grouping of blocks got me the points i needed and generated a column blaster that was needed to free the right side pet. The left pet is generally freed by either clearing blocks, using line blasters, or using a column blaster.

      It took me many, many tries until I managed to form a large grouping of blocks. And then to have enough moves left to free the pets. However, I managed to do it which means that it definitely possible for others to also do it.

      Good luck!

  7. Regarding the mystery request for 411, I’ve found a bit of a trick to get close to 12000 points.

    First, I hit the line blasters on top enough times to keep getting the rocket (since the line blasters keep falling down with the black cubes) and free up the dude on the left (takes 2-3 rockets). Then, here’s the trick — if you click the key and then IMMEDIATELY click a line blaster, the game will drop just line blasters and black cubes instead of the colored blocks (which makes getting the dude on the right very easy). I think this may be a bug, but I think this is the best way. (Do you get more points for black cubes?)

    Otherwise, you have to get incredibly lucky to get bunch of huge combos, which is near impossible in 30 moves, especially when you’re spending like 15 of those moves trying to free the animals.

    My first approach was just hitting the line blasters over and over (hoping I’d get majority black cubes for the combos) until ~10 moves left then free the guy on the right.

    But, alas, I still can’t beat it. Like I said, best I got was around 10,000, and that was pretty lucky.

    1. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas! You need to try harder.. you are pretty close.. we will also check it again and will try to find more tips that do help!

  8. Zannie, i have the same trouble with you. The only way to pass 411 then you should beat higher points then 12000. Good luck!

  9. Kan level 411 niet uitspelen, wel kan je de twee dieren redden maar je geraakt nooit aan de 12000 punten.

    1. I rescued 2 pets in level 411 Discovery . I have always 6 or 7000 points. You ask 2000 points en On the scoreboard 12000 points? This level gives always “NOT ENOUGH POINTS”
      What should I do?

        1. 3 e game Discovery level 411
          I note that de points you get for saving the 2 pets not be included in the total score. Maybe that’s the problem I do not get to the 12000 points.

          1. I believe what Zannie is referring to is the mystery quest for level 411. This requires 12000 points to complete. I have been stuck on it forever! The best I’ve achieved is like 10,000 points. Please help us Mr Guru, you’re our only hope!

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