Pet Rescue Saga Level 431

petrescuelevel431 Target:
Save 5 pets in 40 moves
Get 8.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 431 Tips

Pet rescue level 431 is, doubtless, the hardest level of this new episode. After playing a lot of times the level we concluded to this: To beat this level, without any payable booster, you have to be a little lucky and have in the initial screen, or come up while playing a balloon booster (if the balloon is the same color with the totally right pet box then things are even more easy). You have to release the four pets (except this one on the right) of their boxes and “drive” them to the bottom of the screen. You have to do it in almost 30 moves. Although this is not a completely easy task, it’s not the most difficult part of the level. When 10 to 12 moves have left half blasters (two or three) will come up from the top of the screen. With this blasters you have to release the totally right pet for its pet box and then “drive” it to the bottom. But the 10 or 12 moves you have to do it is really few and you have to foresee and count your next moves. I say it and I mean it (because you need it) “good luck”!

Notice: It’s necessary, due to the hardness of the level, to share your own experience in order to make as much easier as possible for other desperate Pet Rescuers to beat this level!

Pet Rescue Saga Level 431 Walkhtrough Video

You’re close to the end of the episode! But if you still can’t beat #431 you should definitely watch our helpful walkthrough vid!

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