Pet Rescue Saga Level 437


Pet Rescue Level 437 Tips

Level 437 is supposed to be a problematic level! There is a bug here because you can’t pass the level if you don’t reach 28000 though you get one star by scoring only 18000. King is aware of the issue and probably the problem will be fixed pretty soon! So what you need to do to beat the level is to reach 28000! We have to repeat it: no matter if you get one star (by scoring 18000+) you won’t beat the level unless you score more than 28000. So you shouldn’t save the last pet before you get 28000.

UPDATE: The bug seems to be fixed! We’ve passed the level with scoring 23000! So you just need to score over 18000 to beat the level!

Pet Rescue Saga Level 437 Walkhtrough Video

Please check out the bug with level 437 on the following video:

.. and check how we beat it:


  1. I pass it now. The trick for me was i dont clear the first screen completly but let it push the metal box pass the first screen. Then on other screen I use the curve of the rock to push the metal box to the column without any pet. That way when I use colour bomb it clear the screen easier. Thank you for your reply now, I am stuck on level 443 instead 555.

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