Pet Rescue Saga Level 446

petrescuelevel446 Target:
Save 8 pets
Get 22.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 446 Tips

Pet rescue level 446 is a really hard level to be completed and you have to be a little lucky to make it. You have to activate twice the balloon booster in the initial phase of the level, in order to release all the pets from their boxes and with the line blaster destroy all the metal boxes there. With the 3rd balloon you have to release the pets from the second’s phase pet boxes, but you must have cleared all the blocks under the pets and the metal boxes before. Till now it’s quite easy tasks to do. In the last phase of the level you have to destroy all the metal boxes under the pets with the two line blasters you have at your disposal (not an easy task indeed) and simultaneously foresee the next combination of blocks in order to clear them out and rescue the demanded number of pets. After have played the level so many times and have lost really many lifes we made it, without using any boosters or hammers.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 446 Walkhtrough Video

Can’t beat Level 446? We highly recommend that you watch our walkthrough video below:


  1. 446 is too hard and has become boring now. So that does it for me, no more Pet Rescue. The same thing happened at a level in Candy Crush last year. There comes a time when fun just becomes work. Good luck to everyone else. Bye Pet Rescue.

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