Pet Rescue Saga Level 447

petrescuelevel447 Target:
Save 10 pets in 45 moves
Get 10.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 447 Tips

In pet rescue level 447 you have to activate the balloon booster in less than twenty moves, as your first task. Use it, in a color block in the middle of the screen, in order the half line blasters to fall to the bottom of the screen and destroy with them the wooden cages. After that clear blocks in order to rescue the demanded number of pets. Don’t spend your moves, because maybe they are not enough.

Bruce Stein Tips for Pet Rescue Saga Level 447

You have to clear middle row so that line blasters will come but clearing this row is hard. Solution I found is to let at least 2 pets on the left side to be captured as this will remove the cages and make life easier for you to make matches on the bottom row….These matches help the middle row to fall as it moves to the left. By using this strategy I cleared the level with no boosters and a 3 star score!

Pet Rescue Saga Level 447 Walkhtrough Video

Level 447 has a few tricks. If you aren’t able to beat it you should take a few minutes and check the following video:


  1. I use both same strategies. It s really eorks great. Allow the pet to fall in to the cage on one side of the screen first. then the cages on the other side I use line blaster. Then it became easier. After a few try to understand it, I beat it in 3 tries and get 3 stars. Thank you so much for your tips.

    1. wow another guru is rising! please keep sharing your tips! our visitors appreciate your support 🙂

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