Pet Rescue Saga Level 46

Save 4 pets
Get 18.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 46 Strategy

Use the line blaster boosters from the beginning to release the caged blocks. After that be careful to destroy the boxes down of the pets with the line blaster boosters that there are in this level.

Hellen Baker’s Tips on Pet Rescue Level 46

First drop the pet crates down as far as you can, if possible try and remove any blocks underneath them. The use the 2 bottom springs to release the blocks so you can clear them. When you get to the bottom of the level remember to use the spring on the left hand side of the screen first, then the one on the right to access the key.

Pet Rescue Level 46 Walkhtrough Video

The video below follows the tactic we described above! Please take a moment to watch it carefully!

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