Pet Rescue Saga Level 47

petrescuelevel47 Target:
Save 6 pets in 35 moves
Get 90.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 47 Strategy

In Level 47 use one line blaster in the same line to the captured pets to release them. Then use another one to destroy a line of metal boxes under the pets. After that try to activate the rocket (clearing clusters of blocks). Use it in the column with the key and use it. Then clear as large clusters of same colored 2x blocks as you can in order to gather points and activate the rocket at the same time. Use the rocket in a column there is a bomb. Then you need one more time the rocket to be activated to use it to the other column with the bomb. Then use the bombs to destroy the metal boxes under the pets and rescue them.

Notice: Don’t neglect to share your tips/tactic/strategy in order to help Rescuers that are stuck on #47 to beat it!

Hellen Baker’s Tips on Pet Rescue Level 47

Use the springs to destroy the metal boxes, remember to keep one to clear the row of metal boxes along the bottom of the screen. The just recharge the rocket to bring home the helpless little critters!

Pet Rescue Level 47 Walkthrough Video

If the previous tip wasn’t enough we suggest that you take a careful look on the video below in order to better understand the tactic we followed!


  1. Does this level require that we purchase the line blaster? If so, it”s the first time I’ve had to purchase something to be able to move forward in the game.

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