Pet Rescue Saga Level 470

petrescuelevel470 Target:
Rescue 14 pets in 70 moves
Get 13.000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 470 Tips (UPDATED)

Pet rescue #470 is a really hard level and it’s a bit matter of luck if you’ll beat it or not. Just a few tips to follow (but be patient): Clear blocks at right and at the left of the screen to rescue the pets (if possible) and activate the line blaster to use it to destroy the wires of the block in the middle of the screen under the diamonds. Then use the balloon. Then line blasters will fall above the screen. Keep clearing the blocks to rescue the demanded number of pets. You can helped in this task by the line blasters of the level and the line blaster that gets activated while clearing the blocks. Although the 70 moves seem many, they are not. Watch the video below to understand our strategy.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 470 Walkthrough Video

Stuck on Level 470? Why don’t you spend a few minutes to carefully watch the video below?


  1. Ok ok… I lost my mind several times til I got this… I almost gave up.. Listen.. it took me two days but I hope this information helps. When you first go on, at the bottom of the screen are color blocks that match the pet that are in cages. I got them down there to open the cages. Sometimes that’s impossible so I keep my pet on the line before the bottom so when my blaster activates I use that to blast the center caged block and the caged pet. I then hit the color balloon to make the diamonds fall. Use the middle blaster to open the cages through the game. Also keep a eye on your moves. I did all that before 50… I keep doing large combination to knock three pets down to the bottom on each column. Ok when they got there, I used the blast to take out all…less moves.. patience… Sometimes if the color blocks are a good combination. I click to gone save my pets. Remember 70 moves… 14 pets.. its impossible to do 5 moves each.. so doubling up when you can will help more. you got to aleast do two pets at one time or another. It was very frustrating, but the large combination helped.hope it helps.

    1. wow! Great tips here! keep rescuing and keep sharing your tips.. they are quite precious!

    1. you obviously have a point here.. will ask our video writer to provide a new, slower one!

  2. I am on pc, playing on facebook and the game only drops one pet at a time on each column…this is certenly a bug because every walkthrough video I watched shows 4-5 or 6 pets at the columns….stuck about three weeks…

  3. On Windows, my galaxy s4, ipad and iphone, only one pet per row drops.

    I’ve confirmed this using two different android phones (S4 being my newest one).

    Been stuck on this since the area opened up.

    1. did you try to follow our tips? If not you should give them a go! If yes i would suggest that you play it on PC!

          1. I live in a world with no Windows (computers) so I guess they just want Apple people to pay.

          2. Sorry, i don’t know what to suggest! :/ it’s general truth that the game is a bit easier on PC, especially in specific levels!

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