Pet Rescue Saga Level 476

petrescuelevel476 Target:
Rescue 5 Pets
Get 15.000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 476 Tips

Pet rescue #476 is another tricky level of this episode. Till the 2nd key that unlocks the locked blocks things are easy. After that point things are getting quite difficult and it’s possible that you ‘ll stay out of moves and you’ll lose a pet. The strategy you have to follow to avoid this progress is to clear blocks left of the firt ledge in order the pets and the metal boxes to get down. Then use the line blaster that gets activated to destroy the more metal boxes. You have to unlock the two lines of locked blocks simultaneously with one key. Then you have to clear the blocks at the right part of the screen in order to activate the line blaster one more time to destroy the metal boxes that will have fallen in the same line above a line of locked blocks. After that point it’s quite easy to complete your task.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 476 Walkthrough Video

Can’t complete 476? Why don’t you carefully watch the following video? You need to elaborate our tactic!

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