Pet Rescue Saga Level 497

petrescuelevel497 Target:
Rescue 8 pets in 60 moves
Get 13.000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 497 Tips

Pet rescue #497 is a quite tricky level to be completed. Blow the two bombs in the left part of the screen and use the paint brush booster to “break” the same colored cross there is around the pet box. Try to release as more pets from their boxes till you activate the hammer booster and use it to the block in the last line in the 3rd column. Do the same thing with the bombs and the paint brush boosters and in the right part of the screen. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t make it with the first time. Even if you implement exactly our strategy luck is needed to pass it.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 497 Walkthrough Video

In case you find Level 497 pretty hard you should watch our video!

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