Pet Rescue Saga Level 500

petrescuelevel500 Target:
Rescue 5 pets
Get 18.000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 500 Tips

Blow the right balloon first. Clear the blocks where possible and release and use the key. Use the hammer (it will be activated) in the medium column above the wired blocks. Keep clearing the blocks in order the screen to move on till you see the bottom of the level. Use the hammer again and destroy the block between the bomb and the metal box in the left of the screen. Then use the 2nd balloon to release the two pets there are in the bottom of the screen inside the pet boxes. Use the bomb in the left to destroy the two metal boxes there. Use the bomb in the right only when it will destroy both metal boxes. After having played the level several times, this is the only strategy to be completed without any other boosters or hammers.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 500 Walkthrough Video

For those of you that find it difficult to beat Level 500 why don’t you watch our vid?

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