Pet Rescue Saga Level 518

petrescuelevel518 Target:
Clear 100% of the blocks
Get 6.000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 518 Tips

This new episode is really consisted of tricky levels. The trick in #518 is while clearing the blocks in the upper (mainly) part of the screen and have smashed the wires in almost the half locked blocks use the first key. This will activate the balloon booster. Use it immediately in a color. Keep clearing the blocks till all the wires of the locked blocks have been smashed. Then use the 2nd key of the level. Now you have to options to beat the level: Either all the remained blocks could be cleared or the balloon booster will be activated one more time.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 518 Walkthrough Video

Can’t beat Level 518? Don’t worry! Just watch our helpful walkthrough video!

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