Pet Rescue Saga Level 529

petrescuelevel529 Target:
Rescue 3 pets
Get 13.000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 529 Tips

In pet rescue 529 there is great possibility to lose one pet while playing. So try always the paint brush boosters under the pets to be surrounding with at least one block. Another good strategy is to use most of them early in the level, clearing the most blocks under the pets. Use the bombs in the right part of the screen to release and use the first key, after having cleared all the blocks there. Another hard point of the level is to release and use the second key. A tip to make it easier is to clear some blocks left of it, as soon as you see it, so it will be moved some columns left. Then you can release it using the bombs there are in the screen, smashing the wires of blocks under it and then clearing them.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 529 Walkthrough Video

Can’t beat pet rescue level 529? Watch the following video and try to understand the victorious strategy.

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