Pet Rescue Saga Level 530

petrescuelevel530 Target:
Clear 100% of the blocks
Get 15.000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 530 Tips

Pet rescue 530 is another tricky level of this episode. Use the first paint brush booster as soon as it falls in the wooden ledge. In the begining of the level and before you see the bottom of the screen destroy the infected blocks early and don’t let them expand because you’ll stay out of moves really soon. In the final phase of the level you’ll have at your disposal one more paint brush booster (it will be activated while clearing the blocks). Use it with wisdom in order to clear blocks that prevent you for passing the level. Here let the infected blocks to expand so that the single colored blocks to be infected and to be all cleared with just a move.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 530 Walkthrough Video

Probably you’ll not stuck on pet rescue level 530. But if you do so, the following video will help you to beat it.


  1. I read the tips here, and three minutes later I passed the level. Do not let the chestnuts multiply at the top, let many chestnuts grow at the bottom (chestnuts=infected blocks)

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