Pet Rescue Saga Level 532

petrescuelevel532 Target:
Rescue 6 pets in 50 moves
Get 15.000 points

Pet Rescue Saga Level 532 Tips

To complete pet rescue 532 you have to follow a specific strategy shown in the following video. Start clearing whole columns starting from the left of the screen till activate the paint brush booster. Use it in order to bring side by side the first pet box with a same colored block. Release and rescue the first pet. If next pet box come side by side with a same colored block release and rescue it. Otherwise repeat the same procedure with the paint brush booster. To save moves try to foresee next moves in order to rescue some pets without using the boooster. Before you rescue the penultimate pet you have to “drive” (if you haven’t done it till then) the bomb in the 2nd column. When you use the paint brush booster in order to release the penultimate pet, the bomb has to fall in the first column. Then use it to destroy the metal box and rescue and the last pet.

Pet Rescue Saga Level 532 Walkthrough Video

Stuck on pet rescue saga level 532? Don’t give up! The following vid is what you need to move on to game.

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