Pet Rescue Saga Level 56

petrescuelevel56 Target:
Save 4 pets
Get 15.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 56 Tips

Be patient in order to complete pet rescue #56, because it’s a large one. Use the balloons of the level to clear large clusters of blocks or annoying blocks when needed to make the screen move on. The line blasters of the level will be useful to destroy the metal boxes and you have to keep the rocket to release the 2nd key of the level. It would be ideal if you could keep rocket booster for the bottom of the screen because maybe the combination of blocks there, will not be the proper in order to rescue the demanded number of pets.

Pet Rescue Level 56 Walkthrough Video

Get at least a two stars score in pet rescue level 56, following our stategy. No hammers, or other boosters are used.

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