Pet Rescue Saga Level 571

petrescuelevel571 Target:
Rescue 7 pets in 30 moves
Get 10.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 571 Tips

To complete pet rescue 571 you have to follow a specific strategy. Clear blocks in the left of the screen, but notice to have left two blocks of the same color as the pet boxes, till you activate the balloon boooster. You have to do it in about 10 moves. Use the balloon in the block under the line blaster and clear the line left of it so that the line blaster and the first pet box to be moved in the last line. Then use the line blaster to destroy simultaneously the pet box and rescue the first pet and the wooden cage beside it. After that release the 2nd pet from their pet box (that has fallen in the last line) and rescue it. After that use the bombs that fall in the middle of the screen to rescue the pets there (they also fall from the same column).

Pet Rescue level 571 Walkthrough Video

Can’t  Beat 571? No need for frustration! Please watch carefully our walkthrough video!

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