Pet Rescue Saga Level 578

petrescuelevel578 Target:
Rescue 13 pets in 50 moves
Get 3.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 578 Tips UDPATED

Blow the balloon in the upper right corner as your first move. Use the rocket it will be activated in the third column. After that use the bombs that fall above the first column, the line blasters they fall from the last columns and the rocket that gets activated, to destroy the fortified wooden cages that prevent pets’ rescuing. Try to rescue first some pets in the left part of the screen and while clearing some blocks there (in the last line) to rescue simultaneously and pets in the right part of the screen. The 50 moves are not so many as they seem and you need a bit of luck to pass the level.

Pet Rescue level 578 Walkthrough Video

Can’t find your way through #578? The video below will be proved helpful:

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