Pet Rescue Saga Level 581

petrescuelevel581 Target:
Rescue 5 pets
Get 3.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 581 Tips

Use the line blasters of the level to destroy the fortified wooden cages. Use a line blaster when the whole line beside it is consisted of cages. Watch out not to destroy with it, another line blaster that maybe there is in the same line. When the rocket is activated use it in the third column or/and in the 7th column to release the pets there, from their pet boxes. Your target is to destroy all the wooden cages with the line blasters, before reach the bottom of the screen. If done this then rescuing the pets is an easy task.

Pet Rescue level 581 Walkthrough Video

Still stuck on level 581? Why don’t you spend a few minutes to check our walkhtrough?

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