Pet Rescue Saga Level 582

petrescuelevel582 Target:
Rescue 4 pets in 26 moves
Get 6.000 points

Pet Rescue Level 582 Tips

The last level of this new episode is a really hard level to be completed. To make it clear: To pass it or not it’s a matter of luck, as you need a friendly initial screen in order to activate as fast as you can the line blaster. Practically you have to activate the line blaster at least twice during the 26 moves you have at your disposal to pass it. With this line blasters you must destroy both wooden cages and the metal box as well and simultaneously release all the pets from their pet boxes. The problem here is that the 26 moves are really few to complete your task, so it’s possible not to make it at once. Don’t give up, try and try again and you ‘ll make it.
Our strategy was to “drive” to the bottom of the screen the two balloons and a pair of pet boxes. Then use the balloon that is to the opposite side of the metal box. Then the 2nd balloon. Now use the first line blaster to release and the 4th pet and destroy the first wooden cage. After that you have to activate once the line blaster and simultaneously drive the two pets just above the metal box and the other two above the wooden cage (to be rescued after the destruction of the cage with just a move). When the line blaster get activated use it in the last line. Too many things to be done in just 26 moves indeed, but finally we made it.

Pet Rescue level 582 Walkthrough Video

For those of you that find it tough to pass Level 582 we suggest that you watch our video guide!


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  2. I have played this over and over and over. I cannot come close. There aren’t enough moves to get the line blaster to use on the cages, gray block ‘thing’, and pet cage to get to the pets.

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